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Safety Tips for Children With Home Elevators

Published January 16, 2018 |

All parents want to keep their children safe. If you have a home elevator, safety becomes even more important. Children are naturally curious, and they love to touch the objects around them. Imagine how interesting an elevator looks to a small child who enjoys climbing in and out of boxes. At Mobility123, we provide home elevators in NJ and home elevators in PA. It is our goal to offer elevators that exceed customer expectations in terms of both quality and safety. That’s why we have four safety tips for those with children who live in homes with elevators.

  1. Establish guidelines.

One of the first steps you should take when a home elevator is installed is discussing its safety with your children. They should understand that it is not safe to play inside or near the elevator if friends are over. You might want to explain to them that running also increases the chances of injury. Show your child how the elevator works and explain to them that they should never run through the doors as they open. Children love buttons, so you’ll want to discourage them from pressing them all at once when inside.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Home accidents always seem to take place when you aren’t looking. Make sure that you always ride in the elevator with your child. Letting them ride alone increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. When your child is older and more responsible, you can revisit the home safety discussion and explain how to safely ride in the elevator alone. Discourage your child from playing games such as Hide and Seek or Tag inside the elevator.

  1. Take measurements.

At Mobility123, we recommend measuring the gap between the back of the landing door at the entrance gate. Generally speaking, elevator code allows for a maximum of five inches, but many children, especially tiny ones, have the potential to get hurt by going over that gap. If necessary, you can have a space gap installed which will eliminate the opening between the gate and the door.

  1. Install an emergency phone.

One more way to ensure that your children remain safe inside your home is to install an emergency phone. In the event that someone gets stuck inside the elevator, you can act quickly and prevent a serious injury. Check the phone periodically to ensure that it can always dial out, as well.

For more home elevator safety tips, contact us at 800-603-0830.

Three Reasons to Give the Gift of Improved Mobility This Winter

Published December 11, 2017 |

The holidays are just around the corner! If you have a loved one who will be spending the holiday season in their home due to age or an injury, then a mobility stair lift or home elevator in NJ from Mobility123 can be the perfect gift that your loved one will use every day. Read on to learn three reasons why you should consider giving the gift of improved mobility in your elderly or injured loved one’s home this holiday season:

Improved independence. Did you know that some senior citizens avoid going to the upper level of their home for fear of having a fall on the stairs or being unable to get down once they’ve reached the top? Stair lifts and other mobility devices can restore your loved one’s sense of independence and give them back the freedom to move about their home without fear.

A lower risk of injury. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every four adults over the age of 65 will have a serious fall, and falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries amongst older adults. A flight of stairs presents a serious challenge to elderly Americans who want to access the upper area of their home but do not want to risk a fall. A mobility device can eliminate the risk of a fall, leaving your loved one feeling much safer in his or her home.

Reduced sadness and loneliness. Imagine if you were unable to access parts of your home due to fear of falling – how would that make you feel? Granting your loved one with the gift of improved mobility this holiday means that you’ll be giving the gift of a widened world, which can help to alleviate feelings of sadness and loneliness.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of giving a mobility device this winter holiday, let the experts at Mobility123 help guide your way. Give us a call today at 800-485-7789 for more information about home elevators in PA and NJ.

5 Perks of Having an In-Home Elevator

Published November 17, 2017 |

Years ago, in-home elevators were a symbol of being rich and famous.  Nowadays, however, in-home elevators are practical additions to many peoples’ homes.  At Mobility123, we design and install a wide range of in-home elevators for residential customers who are looking for a functional investment in their homes.  Mobility123 is the leader when it comes to in-home elevators. In this blog, we’re going to touch upon five perks of having one in your home. Here they are:

  1. Increased home value

One of the first major perks of an in-home elevator is that it increases the value of your home.  If you’re thinking about ways to capitalize on a profitable investment, then an in-home elevator is a great option.  The truth is that many potential homeowners are now considering homes that will benefit them in the future, and an in-home elevator is part of that picture.

  1. Function

An in-home elevator can make life easier in many ways.  It can facilitate the process of moving bulky home items or of carrying groceries.  For those with limited mobility, an in-home elevator makes everyday activities easier and safer.  Improving mobility is a major factor for the majority of in-home elevator purchasers.  If you’re interested in looking at elevators for homes in Pennsylvania, then stop by Mobility123.  We’ve got a vast selection to choose from, and we’re always ready to answer your questions, too.

  1. Convenience

Let’s face it.  Sometimes, it’s just a hassle to carry groceries, luggage, or children up and down steps all day.  An in-home elevator from Mobility123 makes everyday chores much easier for everyone.  Of course for some people, navigating staircases can actually be dangerous.  At Mobility123, we make purchasing an in-home elevator simple and affordable for everyone, regardless of their situation.

  1. Safety

Another perk of having an in-home elevator is that it provides a tangible sense of safety and security for many homeowners.  For both elderly people and for children, staircases can be unsafe.  An in-home elevator can help reduce the risk of dangerous falls, which is a benefit for everyone living in the house.  If you’re interested in finding elevators for homes in New Jersey, then call Mobility123.  We’re sure to have an elevator that will suit your needs.

  1. Style

Yet another perk of having an in-home elevator is the style factor.  Having an in-home elevator installed in your home will definitely make a statement.  There are many designs to choose from, so you can truly customize your in-home elevator to reflect your own unique personality.  At Mobility123, we’ve got several different styles and models to choose from.  Add a little luxury to your space and call Mobility123 to find out more about an in-home elevator installation.

To learn more about our in-home elevators, give us a call at 800-603-0830.


Three Types of Homeowners Who Can Benefit From An In-Home Elevator

Published September 21, 2017 |

If you’re a homeowner who has been thinking about adding extra mobility or security to your home, an in-home elevator in Philadelphia might be the right option for you. Contrary to popular belief, elevators are no longer confined to hotels and department stores. In fact, more and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits that an in-home elevator can bring to themselves and their families, and companies like Mobility123 are proud to be able to provide this rising star to homeowners in Philadelphia. Here are three types of homeowners who may benefit most from an in-home elevator:

  • Older adults who live alone. Falls are one of the most dangerous types of accidents for older Americans, and a large percentage of falls that happen within the home are due to a difficult-to-climb flight of stairs. Some older adults may even quarantine themselves to the bottom floor of their home in an attempt to avoid an accident on the stairs, which can lead to anxiety and depression. An in-home elevator can give older Americans and those with family members who are having trouble moving throughout their homes.


  • Families with children who have special needs. For families with children who are learning to walk or who have special needs, the stairs can be a massive point of danger within the home. You can help keep your little one safe and give them the freedom they need to explore their home and live comfortably with an in-home elevator from Mobility123.


  • Anyone who is bound to a wheelchair. Though the installation of a stair lift in Philadelphia is a more common solution to the problem of limited home mobility, there are some who may have trouble getting into and out of a stair lift seat, and who may be at risk of a fall – particularly those who suffer from limited leg movement. An in-home elevator provides a convenient solution for those who need to use a wheelchair in their homes.

If you’re interested in providing more mobility and security for you or a loved one in your home with the help of an in-home elevator, contact our Mobility123 team at 800-603-0830 or visit us at