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ADA EZ Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I purchase the ADA EZ opener?

  • Mobility123 is authorized to sell, service, and install the ADA EZ automatic door opener.

What is the cost?

  • The Suggested List Price for the ADA EZ opener, including 2 wirefree pushbuttons and batteries, is $2900.¬†Please contact us find your actual cost with or without installation.

How long will the battery last?

  • Battery life will depend on usage. The ADA EZ incorporates a unique regenerative drive system, producing an electrical charge for the battery each time the door is opened manually. When used in accordance with the 80/20 guidelines, battery life can exceed 10 years.
  • The 80/20 guideline:¬†80 or more manual openings per day – to generate frequent charging cycles.¬†20% or fewer automatic activations – to avoid excessive discharging.¬†For applications that may not meet the 80/20 guidelines, a Hardwired Power Option is available to maintain a steady charge on the battery for continuous and reliable operation.

Can it be used with an electric lock?

  • Yes. There are many variations of electric locking applications.

What if the button is pressed while the door is locked?

  • The ADA EZ opener is internally protected to prevent damage whenever door travel is restricted.

What if someone is standing in front of the door as it is opening?

  • If the ADA EZ opener detects an obstacle at any point during the opening cycle, the internal motor will simply shut off, allowing the door to close safely.

What is the warranty?

  • The ADA EZ offers a unique 3/2/1 warranty against defects:
  • 3 years for Mechanical components
  • 2 years for Electronic components
  • 1 year for Batteries

Can 1 pushbutton activate 2 ADA EZ openers, as in a vestibule or double-door configuration?

  • Yes, this is a simple programming process that can be performed at the time of installation. Up to 8 ADA EZ Transmitters can be programmed into each ADA EZ opener.

Can the ADA EZ opener be used on exterior gates?

  • No, at this time the opener is not sealed to protect against direct weather exposure or extreme temperatures.