Bath Lifts for Easy Access

AquaJoy Premier Bath Lift | Aquajoy Saver Bath Lift | Bellavita Bath Lift

Getting in and out of the bath is an obstacle that many seniors and individuals with disabilities have to overcome everyday. The inability to perform such a simple and necessary task can leave one feeling as if they have lost their independence. Regular bathing is not only required for hygiene reasons, but also to provide relaxation for people of all ages. By implementing a bathtub lift into your home, not only can you regain your love for bathing, but you will also regain your independence. With innovative designs helping to relieve the pains associated with aging, your bathing experience will be incredibly comfortable, meaning you may find you spend more time in the bath tub than ever!



Benefits of having a bath lift:

  • Regain¬†independence¬†and control to bathe when you want without assistance.
  • Avoid costly bathroom¬†renovations¬†and modifications.
  • Get in & out if your tub with a simple push of a button.
  • Many bath lifts can be folded-up and taken with you on a trip or vacation.
  • Universal designs which require no installation.