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Need affordable bath safety products to provide you with safe and comfortable bathing options?

Individuals tasked with providing senior safety have a tremendously difficult job and are in the challenging position of trying to find affordable bath safety solutions with a limited timeframe and budget, and oftentimes without effective professional guidance.

Fall prevention and developing a senior safety plan begins with removing the barriers or impediments seniors or individuals with mobility issues face when trying to access the bathtub. Affordable bath safety can be achieved by installing Safeway Safety Step’s line of affordable bathtub modification products and other bath safety devices, including grab bars, fold-down bath seats, and hand-held showers.

Mobility123 can install Safeway products and achieve affordable fall prevention.
There are many examples of good intentions meant to provide a safer bathing experience that go awry. A relatively simple thing meant to provide senior safety such as the placement of a grab-bar can ultimately do more harm than good if the bar is inaccessible, misplaced, installed improperly or is not the right device. Effective prevention begins with education on the options, proper placement and installation technique and how products can be effectively grouped to provide the highest degree of bath safety.

Safeway’s affordable line of bath accessibility products and ancillary bath safety products can be installed in just few hours.

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