Give Your Life a Lift with a Residential Elevator

Published June 6, 2019 |

You may not be able to move the way you once did, but that’s no reason for a part of your own home to be off-limits to you. Limited mobility doesn’t have to stop you from moving around your house freely and safely if you get an installation from the leading residential elevator company in New Jersey: Mobility123.  

An elevator may seem like a big investment, and installing one may sound like a hassle, but with Mobility123 the investment will be more than worthwhile, and the installation will be an unbelievably smooth process. Here are some benefits of a residential elevator, and some reasons Mobility123 is the right company to install yours:

Increased Independence

Limited mobility makes tasks that used to be ordinary, like navigating your home and going from one floor to the other, dangerous or impossible. It’s only natural for those who care about you to be concerned for your safety, but you might not want to move out of your home or have people checking on you constantly.

With a residential elevator, you’ll have the convenience to move around your house freely from floor to floor, and those who care about you will have the peace of mind of knowing the stairs will no longer be an obstacle or hazard.

Design Options

Here at Mobility123, we believe that your elevator should meet the specifications of both your home and your tastes, and that it should look good as well as work reliably. That’s why we let you have a say in your elevator’s design. You’ll work with one of our architects and a designer from Mobility123 to conceive an elevator you’ll love to use. Your options include:

A basic elevator

For those who like to keep it simple, and are concerned with nothing more than functionality.

Custom glass elevator

With sliding entry doors, this option gives a modern, almost futuristic look to your home.

To see inside some of our elevator options, watch our video:

Industry-Leading Brands

We install elevators from three of the most modern manufacturers:


  • Savaria
  • Waupaca
  • Bruno

Expert Installation

Our technicians are factory-certified professionals. They’ll consult and plan carefully before the installation to ensure that your elevator complied with code requirements on the local, state, and national levels.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For homeowners who need residential elevators in PA, count on Mobility123.  

How to Make the Most Out of Living Independently After Retirement

Published April 9, 2019 |

Not many senior citizens want to move out of their own home after retirement. After all, home is where the heart is. Fortunately, there are ways you can make sure you or your loved ones stay safe without having to move out of the home. Independent living is a more viable option than ever for seniors because they have an abundance of choices to pick from regarding their physical health needs. At Mobility123, we install and repair stairlifts and other types of equipment in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, to help with that. Here’s how you can make the most out of living independently after retirement:

Identify Your Needs

To properly identify the level of assisted care that you or your loved one will need, start by taking a pen and paper and writing down any illnesses or conditions that you have. For example, a senior who is experiencing mild to moderate dementia symptoms will require vastly different in-home care services from seniors who are wheelchair-bound. Also, note the specific tasks that you think you’ll need help with.

Choose the Type and Frequency of In-Home Care You’ll Need

After you’ve identified your needs by examining your individual health conditions and the tasks you will need help with, choose the type of in-home assistive care you’ll require as well as how often you’ll need it. If you don’t have a family member who’s able to help you in your daily life, or if you need attentive care, you may want to choose a home-health aide or a personal care attendant.

Make Any Necessary Safety Modifications to Your Home

Here’s where we come in at Mobility123! We provide all types of independent living solutions, including but not limited to stairlifts, homelifts, and elevators for homes in NJ. These will be installed by our factory certified professionals, depending on your specific needs. We can also customize what you choose to meet your needs and match your personal tastes.

With these tips, you can be living independently in your own home for years to come. Learn more about how we can make home mobility easier for you or a loved one by giving us a call at 800-603-0830.

Signs Your Loved One Needs a Stairlift

Published March 21, 2019 |

Things to Watch Out For:

Providing Stairlifts Since 2003:

Here at Mobility123, we are proud to provide stairlifts for Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. We offer Philly residents access to a wide range of stairlifts including straight, curved, outdoor, and folding models. Stairlifts are designed to make the homes of you and your loved ones more accessible. Our stairlifts offer comfort and mobility for those in need of some extra help around the house.

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4 Kids’ Safety Tips for Families with Home Elevators

Published March 4, 2019 |

Every parent wants to keep their kids safe, and safety becomes even more important if you have a home elevator. Children tend to be naturally curious, and they love to touch the new objects in their environment. Imagine how interesting and novel an elevator looks to a small child who’s often climbing in and out of boxes. At Mobility123, we provide elevators for NJ homes, with a goal of exceeding customer expectations regarding both safety and quality. Take a look at these safety tips to help keep your kids out of harm’s way!

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3 Signs Your Stairlift Should be Inspected By the Professionals at Mobility123

Published February 5, 2019 |

Anyone who depends on a stairlift to get around the home or has a family member who needs a stairlift for home mobility understands how important it is to maintain each lift in the house. Luckily, Mobility123, the top choice for stairlifts in the Philadelphia area, can address any repair issues that may arise with a lift in your home. It is for crucial for homeowners to get out in front of the small problems before more significant issues arise regarding their home mobility. Some of the warning signs you should be on the lookout for include:

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