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Providing Caregiver and Aging Parents Affordable Bath Safety Options
As a caregiver, we understand the importance of providing a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for your loved one. Falls occurring in and around the bathtub are a leading cause of injury, but the cost to renovate a bathtub to provide easier accessibility can be very expensive (often $10,000 or more) and also extremely time consuming.

Whether you are providing care for your aging parents, a spouse, or for an individual with some level of disability, bathtub accessibility products provide an affordable and quick solution that generally can be installed in less than one a day with installation pricing significantly less than the cost of a full bathroom renovation.

Dignity Preservation & Restoration
It is understandably difficult for aging parents and individuals with mobility issues to ask for assistance when bathing and equally difficult for caregivers to offer and provide the necessary assistance. Providing caregivers an affordable bathtub modification option that restores lost or diminishing accessibility can mean a great deal for both those receiving and providing care.

Caregivers find comfort in our bathroom modifications to help keep aging parents safe in the comfort of their own home for a fraction of the cost compared to more extensive remodeling projects. If you are a caregiver or know a caregiver that could benefit from affordable bath accessibility products, please click to learn more about the Safeway Tub Door®, a product and installation method designed to add a water-tight sealable door to an existing bathtub or the Safeway Step®, an installed product that retrofits the existing bathtub to a permanent walk-in shower.

Ideal Solution for the Entire House
The Safeway Tub Door® is an ideal solution for caregivers that may have aging parents living with them as the installed product will add a water-tight door to the existing bathtub that can easily be opened and will allow your loved one to step directly into the tub and perhaps sit on a fold-down seat for an easier showering experience. However, the sealable door will also still allow the bathtub to be completely filled and is perfect for all members of the household that still want to use and enjoy taking a full bath.

Mobility123 can install many bath safety products.
We understand that a caregiver’s time and resources are limited and it is important to find qualified companies to work with to make necessary home modifications. Contact us @ 609-248-9272 with any questions you have. We know your situation and we know the products. We are here to help you make the right decision.

mobility123 is a (CAPS) Certified Aging-In Place Specialist.