Custom Curved Rail Stair Lifts Designed For The Outdoors

Curved rail outdoor stair lift installed in NJ

Mobility123 Provides Several Stair Lift Choices

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Mobility123 Provides Several Stair Lift Choices

The Outdoor Elite Custom Curved Rail Stairlift is specifically designed for exterior use and provides homeowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the same quality, comfort, and convenience available with all of the products in Bruno’s complete line of straight and curved rail stairlifts designed for outdoor use. With a rail design that provides improved stability and visual coded diagnostics to analyze the unit’s operational status instantly, the Outdoor Elite Curve is the perfect pairing of form and function. The Outdoor Elite Curve moves up and down your exterior stairs with power and efficiency, while the offset swivel seat makes the user’s entry and exit at the top landing safer and more accessible than ever before. It’s safe, comfortable, and guaranteed to improve your quality of life.

Mobility123 performs all sales, service, and installations for the Outdoor Curved Rail Elite Stairlift. Our Safe Living Specialists are factory trained and certified to perform outdoor stairlift installation and maintenance of all of Bruno’s stairlift products.

Stairlift options, available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, are:

We provide service to the following regions of PA and NJ:

  • Pennsylvania: the Philadelphia area
  • New Jersey: the Cherry Hill area of South Jersey

Outdoor Elite Curved Rail Stairlift Features & Benefits:

  • These stairlifts are designed specifically for exterior use, giving the user the same levels of comfort, convenience, and quality that you’d expect from any straight rail and curved outdoor rail stairlift from Bruno
  • The steel surfaces are protected by durable, powder coat outdoor paint
  • Exterior marine-grade vinyl seat cushions
  • Weather can vary greatly in NJ and PA, but these stairlifts functions in virtually any weather conditions. They’ve been tested for use in temperatures ranging from extreme cold (0ºF) to blistering heat (125ºF)
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lb.
  • Reduced need for maintenance thanks to its direct-drive motor and gearbox without belts
  • A smooth ride for the entire ascent or descent
  • A weather-resistant cover that protects the stairlift from weather and natural elements when it’s not being used. During operation, you can store the cover in a pouch that’s conveniently located underneath the seat.
  • Two 12-volt batteries that stay continuously powered from any household outlet to provide dependable performance, even in the event of a power outage
  • A seat, footrest, and arms that flip up to create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs
  • Generous seat size with adjustable width armrests and multiple seat heights
  • An offset swivel seat that makes the entry and exit position at the top landing safe and easy

Additional Information:

Don’t let any part of your property remain off-limits to you due to safety concerns caused by mobility challenges.  Homeowners in the Cherry Hill area of South Jersey or the Philadelphia area of PA can regain access to their property with an outdoor stairlift installation from Mobility123 that will allow them to move freely outdoors again. Contact Mobility123 today!

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