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The AEMA Strongly Advises Against Self-Installation of A Stair Lift AEMA Report

Only A Certified Professional Should Install & Service Stair Lifts

A Stair lift, Vertical Platform Lift, and all other powered mobility devices are precision equipment that require trained expert installation and service.

Safety is our primary concern. Many online companies prey on unknowing consumers by anonymously selling stairlifts over the internet at steep attractive discounts. However, the costs incurred by making this mistake are usually far greater than buying from us and having the job professionally completed from start to finish. These anonymous online companies send you the product in several boxes, without any support whatsoever. They provide no direction or support. You are left to install the device all on your own – and even if you hire a handyman, chances are, he has never worked with this equipment before.

There are many precise factors that must be considered when installing this equipment. Untrained and inexperienced personnel will inevitably commit critical mistakes when attempting to install this equipment, which rapidly increases your cost and severe safety risks.

Mobility123 guarantees the accurate and safe installation of all of our equipment. When you purchase lift products from Mobility123, you can rest assured knowing that you will have factory trained & certified industry professionals arriving with the equipment, prepared to install it accurately and safely.