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The FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower stalls are for use by individuals with disabilities who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do re-modeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility.  Additional FAWSsit™ models are designed for emergency services or HazMat. All FAWSsit™ models are completely wheelchair accessible and portable, requiring NO tools or modifications to a site for use.

The portable showers are complete shower facilities. They can be set up anywhere there is access to warm water.  Oftentimes, the kitchen is the preferred room to use as there is usually more room to move around the shower than there is in a bathroom.  A bedroom or a laundry room, or any room that is within about 10 – 12 feet of a sink can also work.

Important to note that the FAWSsit™ Portable Showers are the ONLY truly portable showers, and the ONLY fully assembled showers available in the market. NO ASSEMBLY or construction is required, NO TOOLS are required, and the frames are made of unbreakable anodized aluminum, designed for long-term use. Only the FAWSsit™ Portable Showers can withstand multiple years of repeat use with no degradation in frame structure or function. All frames come with a full 10 year warranty against defects.

There are currently five (5) separate models of the Fold Away Wheelchair Showers:  Standard S2000, Super Standard SS4040, Recliner R3000, Tall T4000, and Bariatric B5000.

With any of the shower models, the person to be bathed can be rolled into the shower stall in either a shower/commode style of wheelchair, or even just a regular wheelchair.  With the R3000 Recliner model, a reclining style of wheelchair or even a gurney can be rolled in.  Once inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for waste water collection.  A front shower curtain may be brought around for the person who is able to do their own bathing, or may be left open for easier caregiver access to assist with the bathing.

The source of water for the shower unit is any standard sink faucet.  A shower head with approximately 12 feet of hose and a universal adapter to allow for connection to the sink faucet  is provided with every shower unit.  And, there is a pump which pulls the waste water from the drain pan.  There is a 12 foot hose attached to the pump unit which then returns the waste water to the sink drain for disposal.  A GFI plug protects the pump unit in case of any electrical failure.  To assure safety,  the FAWSsit™ shower has been tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and it complies with all of their requirements for safety.

While primarily intended for use at home for people who cannot or choose not to do complete bathroom re-modeling, the FAWSsit™ portable showers are also the perfect travel shower and can even be used for hazardous materials decontamination or emergency services.

Most importantly, the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower offers many medical benefits, including:
  • Healthier skin – The entire body has adequate water to truly cleanse.
  • Decreased infections – Bacteria is removed with the water. For individuals with more hair on their bodies, soap residue and other irritants are removed.
  • Because of the ease of transport of the shower unit, catheter accidents while traveling can be dealt with immediately so prolonged exposure to irritants no longer needs to be an issue.
  • Improved circulation with the stimulation of warm water on extremities. Critical body temperature cooling can be easily accomplished. Important for many quadriplegics and others who have diminished abilities to detect body temperature changes.
  • Improved mental and emotional health in knowing that hygiene is more than “just adequate”.
  • SAFE for both the individual with the disability and the care attendant because no transfers or lifts are required to get into a tub or shower. Simply roll the individual into the shower, and once they are bathed, roll them back out to be dried and dressed.