Is The Scalamobil Stair Climber Right For You


Climb stairs in your own wheelchair!

Most stair climbing problems can be solved with the Scalamobil, however, we want to make sure that the Scalamobil is the right solution for you. The questions listed below are important in determining if Scalamobil is suitable for your needs.
  • Maximum load is 265 pounds. Will this limit be exceeded?
  • Are there any special needs devices mounted under the wheelchair seat? If yes, we may need to consider an alternative Transfer System.
  • Will the Scalamobil be attached to an existing manual wheelchair? Does the wheelchair meet the necessary requirements for a Standard Installation?
  • Do you use a power wheelchair? If yes, ask about Transfer Systems for alternative options.
  • Are you in good physical condition?
  • Are you able to walk up stairs backwards?
  • Are you able to lift 20% of your own body weight?
If you answered Yes to the above questions, you will most likely encounter little difficulty operating the Scalamobil. Evaluations and demonstrations are always conducted prior to purchasing to ensure that Scalamobil is the proper solution for you.
  • Maximum step range on one charge is 300 steps. Will this limit be exceeded?
  • What is the width of the staircase? Minimum distance needed is 3 feet.
  • Is a landing(s) present? Minimum landing space for turning is 3 feet x 3 feet.
  • What is the maximum step rise of any step to be climbed? Maximum step height allowed is 10″.
  • What is the depth of the steps to be climbed? Minimum step width allowed is 4″.
  • Are the stairs in good condition? Check for deteriorating wood, crumbling cement, etc.
  • Will this be used indoors? Outdoors? Scalamobil should only be operated on dry steps that are clear of any debris or hazards.
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