Measuring For A Walk-In Tub

This Page Will Help You Configure A Walk-In Tub For Your Bathroom

Directly below are some common configurations of existing bathtubs in relationship to the placement of the commode (or sink). Simply determine which of the 8 bathroom drawings below best describes the configuration of your bathroom.

You will be asked for this information when filling out the Walk-In Tub Measurement Form below.



[jbox title=”Walk-In Tub Layout”]One of the reasons to include this step is that we need to determine whether to provide you with a LEFT sided door or a RIGHT sided door on the face of the tub. The plumbing is usually on the same side of the door. It is ALWAYS best to put the tub’s door where you have the most space available for easy access. By selecting the correct configuration of your existing bathroom below, we can provide you with the proper door mount side (LEFT or RIGHT) specifically for you.[/jbox]

Can’t See the Form Below? Follow This Link: Walk-In Tub Form

Can’t See the Form? Follow This Link: Walk-In Tub Form