Stair lift F.A.Q.

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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our stair lifts and how they work. Feel free to contact us at 609-248-9272, if you have questions that aren’t answered here!

How powerful and durable is a stair lift?

  • Very. The lift is designed to routinely carry up to 300 pounds, day after day, year after year. (500lb. capacity HD model available)

Can the stair lift be used outdoors?

  • Yes, outdoor models are available for wet and salt air conditions. The electronics are sealed and other special materials are used.

How is the stair lift powered?

  • Batteries. Stair lifts do not use household line current to operate. A small transformer plugs in to the wall at one end of the lift and recharges the batteries whenever the lift is parked at one end of the track.

Can a stair lift be used on a narrow staircase or on steel or stone steps?

  • Yes. our stair lifts are a slim line and the foot rest, seat and arm rests all fold up. Stone, granite, cement, carpet, wood, tile and even steel are not obstacles.

If I relocate and move my stair lift, will the warranty still be good?

  • Yes, provided an authorized Mobility123 technician removes and reinstalls the lift.

If a user falls out of the stair lift, who is liable?

  • The user. Each user, care giver, guardian or the person(s) responsible for the use of the stair lift is trained in the proper and safe operation by our authorized technicians at the completion of each installation. Falls from the chair will not occur when the seat-belt is used.

Are stair lifts safe?

  • Yes, our stair lifts have several safety edges that will stop the lift if activated. A kitty, sweater, toy or shoe left on the track or in the path will activate a safety edge.

Can unsteady people use a stair lift?

  • Yes, the stair lift has a seat belt which should be used every time the lift is used.

Can the stair lift ever run away or freewheel down the track?

  • No, the stair lift stops automatically and immediately if the motor over speeds from any cause. The lift will stop even if a transmission failure (unheard of) should occur.

What about pathway obstructions, or a door at the bottom of the track?

  • No problem – usually. A folding rail can be installed which can be folded back either manually or powered, once the lift has carried its occupant to the bottom. This eliminates any pathway trip hazard, allows doors to close and permits a stair lift to be used in many tight locations.

Can people who are unable to sit down use a stair lift?

How difficult are the star lift’s controls.

  • Not at all. Paddle toggle switches on the armrest require very little pressure to activate. On Sit-Stand and Perch models, the toggle switch can be placed where it most convenient to the user. Two remote controls, usually placed one at the top and one at the bottom will also operate the stair lift.