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[jbox title=”Why Should You Rent a Stair Lift?”]Many people simply cannot afford to purchase a brand new stair lift and some people might feel that buying a new one would be a waste of money as they only plan to use it temporarily. Maybe they have a disabled guest who is visiting their home, or perhaps a family member may have fractured their leg. These situations are temporary and a stair lift might not be useful after the temporary situation has passed.¬†This is where renting a stair lift may the¬†appropriate¬†solution. Renting a stair lift is significantly less expensive than purchasing a brand new unit, and it will serve as a great temporary asset in your home. Mobility123 offers two stair lift rental programs. We can help you decide which rental program works best for you and your situation. Both programs include the option to purchase the stair lift at the end of the rental period (rent to own). The purchase price will¬†depend¬†on a number of factors such as age & condition of the stair lift, and duration of lift rental.[/jbox]

Rent To Own. Need Your Stair Lift Longer Than Expected?

Apply 100% of ALL Rental Fees Towards The Purchase Price!

Stair Lift Rental Program

  1. Stair Lift System
  2. Stair Lift Installation
  3. Stair Lift Removal
  4. 2-Month Initial Rental Period —¬†Month-To-Month Thereafter
  5. In-Home Service

Stair Lift Rental Requirements

  • Straight Staircase
  • Indoor and Outdoor Stair Lifts Available
  • Residential or Commercial Stair Lift Applications Available

Additional Stairlift Rental Information

  • Outdoor stair lift rentals are based on availability. Call Us¬†@ 856-528-9366¬†for info & pricing.
  • Curved Rail Stair Lift¬†rentals are not available. Since all curved rail stair lifts are custom made to fit a specific application, a cost effective rental is not possible at this time.¬†
  • If you are considering renting two or more stair lifts, discounted pricing is available.

Stair Lift Rental Program Pricing is for New Jersey & Philadelphia

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