Erasing Barriers…the Platform Lift Solution

Wheelchair vertical platform lift solution installed outside of a home in Philadelphia, PA

Wheelchair Platform Lifts for Inside or Outside Your Home or Business

Our job is to provide people with enhanced mobility to increase their independence. Whether you’re a senior citizen who needs help getting around your home or you have elderly employees who need assistance getting into your business, you can rely on our team at Mobility123. We install vertical wheelchair platform lifts inside or outside of your residential or commercial location. Whether you’re located somewhere in South Jersey like Cherry Hill, NJ, or somewhere in Pennsylvania like Philadelphia, PA, please give us a call today!

Find the Right Wheelchair Platform Lift for You

Wheelchair vertical platform lifts deliver the simplest and most direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Effortlessly and smoothly moving straight up and down, from the driveway to entryway, patio to porch, backyard to deck, even floor to floor, a Bruno VPL links your inside life with your outside life…seamlessly, efficiently and up to 14’ in height!

Not Sure Where To Start? Mobility123 Offers Several VPL Options

Stairs can be tough to climb for senior citizens and those facing disabilities. Fortunately, you can conquer them with wheelchair vertical platform lifts from Mobility123. As the area’s leading installers of mobility solutions, our team will perform an extensive on-site evaluation to design a personalized solution for the problematic areas of your home. We’re here to give you the mobility you deserve! Here are the options you can choose from:

Residential Platform Lifts — Learn More

You want to be able to move around your home as efficiently as possible. Whether you have stairs leading up to your front door that you can no longer climb, or your loved one has trouble climbing the porch, check out our available options for residential platform lifts. The elderly and those with disabilities will no longer need to worry about getting in and out or their home. Click the Learn More button above to see more of the residential platform lifts’ features.

Commercial Platform Lifts — Learn More

You and your employees should feel empowered at work. If you employ anyone who has trouble getting around, make sure they have the mobility and independence they deserve with a commercial platform lift. We can install wheelchair vertical platform lifts for stages, podiums, foyers that lead to main lobbies, and more. Check out our commercial platform lifts’ features by clicking the Learn More button above.

Portable Platform Lifts — Learn More

True to its name, the portable platform lift can provide efficient access to raised porches, decks, and even different floors within the home. If you’re looking for a more affordable option to an in-home elevator, the portable wheelchair platform lift may be the right choice for you. Installation is quick and can typically take less than a day. See more of the features by clicking the Learn More button above.

If you’re looking for wheelchair platform lift installers in Cherry Hill, NJ, or anywhere else in South Jersey, or in or near Philadelphia, PA, we’re here for you at Mobility123. Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals about an on-site consultation.

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